Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Cards from Will!

Yesterday, May 8th, I received these cards from my good buddy Will. His Instagram is @wregenthal, go follow him, he also has a blog page called, Foul Bunt. I met him around a year ago when I asked him to join into a box break. He joined and ended up taking a couple spots. After that, we hit it off and have been talking ever since. I talk to him on Snapchat, Skype, and Instagram. He is a very cool guy and sent me these cards as a gift. In this generous package, I received two stacks of cards and an Andrew McCutchen 2009 Topps Update auto. We both searched up the auto online but couldn't find the worth. If you know the worth, please contact me on my Instagram, @takeflightcards, or on my email, renity2188@gmail.com. Thanks again Will!

Jameson Taillon 2016 Topps Chrome RC Auto

I bought this beautiful Jameson Taillon RC auto from Ebay on May 1st and received it on May 5th. It is an absolute gem, I bought it as an investment that I would like to flip in the future, but I also bought it because I am a HUUUUGE Pittsburgh Pirates fan. He has gone through so much in his career, from staying down in the minors for a couple years to having multiple surgeries. Including the surgery he just had yesterday. Jameson had a surgery for suspected testicular cancer. They got to the suspected cancerous parts early enough that the cancer could not spread. He was having a truly amazing year (even with the Pirates lackluster offense) and I hope he comes back better than ever.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


          I am a card collector from Pennsylvania. I own a card collecting page on Instagram. My page is called @takeflightcards, please feel free to check it out. I collect all Pittsburgh teams, I like Penn State, and I invest in good prospects. I am currently invested in Ian Happ and will post his cards in the future. Please stick around for posts of TTM autographs, IP autographs, and maildays. Thank you for taking time to read this post and there will be more posts coming in the future.